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      BDC Small Business Loan

      Heads up! This post is now 4 years old, and the content may not be current information.

      Important information for small businesses seeking to get relief loans and credit. The current Federal Government literature tells you to go through your existing bank to get additional loans and credit, and the EDC and BDC will coordinate with your bank.

      This, quite frankly, is a waste of your time.

      Instead, apply DIRECTLY to the BDC at this site: https://bdc.ca/en/online_financing/pages/loan-application.aspx for business loans up to $100k.

      The application is online, quick, easy, and the loans are low interest. The conditions are:

      • Your financing needs do not exceed $100,000,
      • Your business has been generating revenues for at least 24 months,
      • You and your business have a good credit history,
      • Your company is Canadian

      It may take a few weeks to get approved because of the current backlog, but going directly to the BDC will save you weeks of time and effort.

      Written By Steven Eddy

      Steven is the President and Founder of SJE Consulting Ltd. He has years of business experience navigating the complex world of government grants for small businesses, research and development projects, and tax credits.

      Posted to: COVID19

      April 27, 2020

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