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      Budget 2022: Global Innovation Clusters

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      In 2017, the government announced $950 million to be allotted toward ‘superclusters’ to accelerate economic growth. Now the 2022 budget is rebranding the program, calling it “Canada’s Global Innovation Clusters”, and overall, extending the initiative towards Canada’s most innovative industries. The budget is proposing an additional $750 million for superclusters over the next six years.

      Superclusters joint missions are aligned with key government priorities, such as fighting climate change or addressing supply chain disruptions.  The five agencies are: Digital Technologies, Protein Industries, Advanced Manufacturing, Scale AI, and Ocean.

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      Written By Steven Eddy

      Steven is the President and Founder of SJE Consulting Ltd. He has years of business experience navigating the complex world of government grants for small businesses, research and development projects, and tax credits.

      Posted to: Budget 2022

      May 31, 2022

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