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      Technology Readiness Level

      Many government funding programs use TRLs as eligibility criteria to assign grants. Applicants who align their product development goals with TRLs increase their opportunities to securing funding.

      Businesses need to achieve consistent, technical maturity across different types of technology. Technology Readiness Levels rankings (TRLs) is a method for understanding and assessing the maturity of evolving technology (devices, materials, components, software, work processes, etc.) during its development phase. TRLs categorize project stages by recognizing scope, progress, timelines, and resource requirements. Many government programs fund or support projects at different stages of development and assess which projects are eligible for specific funding programs, grants, or tax rebates.

      The nine-point scale of TRL begins with Level 1, the least ready stage. A paper study of a technology’s basic properties might be one example. TRL scales up to Level 9, where the actual application of the technology is applied in real-life conditions. Level 9 is one that has been incorporated fully into a larger system; it has been proven to work smoothly and is considered operational in real-life conditions.

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      Written By Steven Eddy

      Steven is the President and Founder of SJE Consulting Ltd. He has years of business experience navigating the complex world of government grants for small businesses, research and development projects, and tax credits.

      Posted to: Grants

      September 06, 2022

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