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      SJE Consulting Ltd. specializes in project funding and integrated planning to acquire government grants for Canadian companies.  From the high-tech and manufacturing sectors to the food and beverage industries, our company is a valuable resource for you.  We research, report, and liaise with government representatives to help fund your development projects.


      “The time we spend in meetings with SJE Consulting provides the highest per-hour dollar return of any activity we undertake.”

      Karl Schenk – President

      Schenk Architectural Imports Ltd.


      “More than once SJE Consulting’s knowledge and contacts within the granting agencies has allowed us to take advantage of briefly available grant opportunities.”

      Jim Carrigan – President

      Jeco Inc 


      “SJE Consulting worked as part of our team, procuring grants for every phase of the project from start to finish.”

      Anthony Hoeksema – President

      Core Flooring Accessories

      Our vision

      Who We Are

      In the past 15 years, we’ve developed our expertise in working with companies at different stages of development from concept & design to prototype to pilot plant stages. Our goal is always to ensure that your company is recognized for your product and process developments, that you receive relief from government bureaucracy, and most of all, that you are financially rewarded for your technological innovations. We are federally registered lobbyists committed to achieving results for you, our client.

      We Make It Easy

      We are experts at handling grant proposal details, so you don’t have to. We offer a free consultation to assess which government grants your company may qualify for. Once we determine that you qualify, we need only two to four hours of your time to get the necessary technical and financial information. We monitor the progress of your proposal from start to finish, so you can carry on with your day-to-day operations without lengthy paperwork or multiple distracting phonecalls. It’s that simple!

      The Best Possible Funding

      Contact us at the beginning of your project so we can put in place the framework to maximize your funding opportunities. If you R&D is underway, we can work with you to optimize your funding. When we learn of new funding programs, we work with our government contacts to ensure that our clients are at the forefront of eligibility. Our assistance allows you to stay competitive in our ever-changing world.

      We Come To You

      Tell us your story, the true history of your business. It’s in the sharing of our stories that connections are made, ideas can flow, and results come to fruition. It is all about being there for you, face to face and hearing your story and seeing your story in action. Meeting with you, seeing your business, and learning your story allows us to make the recommendations for the right funding programs to get the best return on your R&D investment.

      The Three R’s

      We strive to ensure that your company:

      • Is recognized for your product or process developments;
      • Receives relief from government bureaucracy, and;
      • Is financially rewarded

      The bottom line is that we get results with a consistent track record.

      We Get Results

      The bottom line is that our track record is consistent. Just ask our clients who keep coming back year after year. How do we do it? First, we ensure that your proposal is viable and verifiable. Then, we pay attention while you tell us what you do best. Finally, we have proficient technical writers and accounting professionals who generate thorough, accurate, and definitive reports. We know how to meet your criteria, manage and expedite your proposal, and answer any questions. We know the ropes so you don’t have to get tangled up in them.

      What We Offer

      Comprehensive Planning

      We will review all your ongoing operations and identify all the areas where you may qualify for funding.

      Project Funding

      From concept & design through to pilot plant stages, we will find grants and tax credits for your project.

      Managing Bureaucracy

      We handle the paperwork, meetings, and reporting to all the various agencies, allowing you to focus on your business.

      Integrated Results

      We know that technology advances and innovation don’t stop when one project ends, and with our help your continued development remains funded.

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