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      Preparing Your SR&ED Application

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      Costs related to research and development activities are sometimes limiting. This is why many companies see government grants as crucial to solving technical uncertainties.

      Through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Inventive Program, for instance, it’s possible for businesses to recover up to 54% of T4 salaries and 35% of contractor and material costs on scientific research and experimental development in Canada.

      SR&ED is administered through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

      Preparing an application for this grant can be complicated and time-intensive. This is one reason many companies have recognized value in the services offered through SJE Consulting Ltd.

      One in-person or virtual meeting is all SJE Consulting needs to coordinate an application to SR&ED on your company’s behalf. This allows employees at your company to stay focused on their responsibilities.

      Our services include preparation of all financial and technical reports along with submission of the application to the CRA.

      Here are some things we will talk about when we meet with you:

      What technical uncertainties did you face?

      We want to hear about the development work you conducted that did not have an out-of-the box solution or one that could be Googled.

      Who worked on it?

      We need to know which employees worked on your project

      For contractors, we need to know who they are and what they did.


      What did you buy and what was it used for? If any materials were purchased to make your project possible, share what it was and how much it cost.

      For more information on the SR&ED program, contact SJE Consulting Ltd.’s project manager Jason Adams at 1-877-753-2678 or [email protected]

      Written By Josh Skapin

      Josh Skapin is a project analyst for SJE Consulting Ltd. He has also been a professional writer for more than 20 years. Josh's work has appeared in the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, Edmonton Journal, Red Deer Advocate, Vancouver Sun, and the Daily Oil Bulletin. He resides in Airdrie, Alberta with his wife, daughter, and Boston Terrier named Dexter.

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      December 07, 2021

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