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      IRAP Spotlight – Specialty Construction Materials

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      Ongoing problems with product quality impacted multiple ends of a business. This was a recent concern for a client of SJE Consulting Ltd.

      Product deficiencies left this specialty construction material manufacturer with mounting costs related to scrapped material. With the constant need to re-do orders, it also limited the company’s throughput substantially.

      Addressing a technological uncertainty of this magnitude is not always financially feasible.

      In our client’s case, their ability to fund such a project would have taken a year or longer — during which time the problem would continue or worsen.

      For this reason, we introduced the company to the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).

      Learn more about how SJE Consulting helps clients with IRAP.

      This is a government grant we have acquired for many of our clients. It supports small, medium, and large projects, providing a subsidy to help the company pay for both salaries and contractors working on projects with technological uncertainty.

      If you have any questions about how we can leverage IRAP to help your business, please don’t hesitate to e-mail Steven Eddy at [email protected] or Jason Adams at [email protected]

      Written By Steven Eddy

      Steven is the President and Founder of SJE Consulting Ltd. He has years of business experience navigating the complex world of government grants for small businesses, research and development projects, and tax credits.

      Posted to: IRAP | Spotlight

      December 29, 2020

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